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Cascade Employers Association is an exceptional, membership-based resource for Northwest employers committed to developing a strong, vital workforce. We work with organizations who know a prosperous business is built on their people. Cascade offers a complete range of services — from hiring well, to training for excellence, to dismissing effectively.

Our Mission: Together Achieving Member Success through Excellence in the Workplace.

If you’re a good employer seeking resources to become a great employer, talk to us.


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April Training & Events

  1. Accomplish Twice as Much with Half the Time
  2. Advanced Family Leave
  3. Americans with Disabilities Act: Doing the Right Thing the Right Way
  4. Accountability and Delegation
  5. Difficult and Crucial Conversations: Keys to Improving Workplace Communication
  6. Tools and Tips for Using CCH AnswersNow® (Webinar)
  7. Legalized Marijuana: Preparing Your Workplace (Salem)
  8. HR Compliance Lab
  9. Respect in the Workplace
  10. Basic Medic First Aid® and AED
  11. Legalized Marijuana: Preparing Your Workplace (Portland)
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