Group Health and Welfare Benefits

Providing affordable health and welfare benefits is essential in today's marketplace in attracting and retaining key talent and a quality workforce. Through the Cascade-sponsored Pacific Northwest Employers (PNWE) Life & Health Insurance Trust, qualifying Cascade Members have the opportunity to participate with a large pool of employers in a common endeavor to combine high quality care with advanced cost containment measures.

The PNWE Trust is governed by a group of participating employers acting as Trustees for the sole benefit of the participants of the various programs. The Trust was created with both Employer and Employee in mind - to maintain high quality benefits while keeping costs under control.

The various programs available in the Trust include:

Other unique advantages include: single-source billing (one bill for all of your group insurance offerings), assistance with COBRA, HIPAA, and other administrative issues; advocacy on claim and benefit questions; enrollment and education meeting support; and customer service help – all included in the monthly premium rates.

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