EEO-1 and VETS-100 Due; New EEO-1 Form Required for 2007

July, 2007

If your company has 100 or more employees or has 50 employees and a federal contract or subcontract for at least $50,000 you must annually complete the EEO-1 Report. Employers required to complete the EEO-1 must report the makeup of their workforce by race, ethnicity, gender, and job category. Federal regulations also require that any employer with federal contracts or subcontracts in the amount of $25,000 or more annually file a VETS-100 Report. Both reports are due by September 30 each year.

Don't forget that the EEO-1 Report has been revised. In order to comply with the revisions, employers are encouraged to update their EEO programs and tracking methods, including new self-identification surveys for applicants and current employees and recategorizing employees in the "Officials and Managers" and "Professionals" job categories.

Revisions to the EEO-1 Report include:

  • Adding a new category titled "Two or More Races"
  • Separate Categories for "Asians" and "Pacific Islanders"
  • Renaming "Black" as "Black or African American"
  • Dividing the "Officials and Managers" job category into two levels as follows:
    • Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers (plan, direct and formulate policy, set strategy and provide overall direction; in larger organizations, within two reporting levels of CEO)
    • First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers (direct implementation or operations within specific parameters set by Executive/Senior Level Officials and managers; oversee day-to-day operations)
  • Moving business and financial occupations to the "Professionals" job category

The revised EEO-1 Report is available in PDF at:

The job classification guide for the revised EEO-1 Report is available at:

If you need assistance with your EEO and/or Affirmative Action program, please contact Cascade Employers Association.


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