OFCCP Issues Alarming Audit Directive

October, 2008

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) issued a new directive requiring mandatory onsite evaluations for every 50th desk audit conducted.  This means that employers have a greater chance of getting a personal visit by the OFCCP even if the desk audit does show no indicators of discrimination.

Prior to this directive, compliance officers tried to close as many audits as possible at the desk audit stage.  Onsite evaluations were conducted only where there were clear indicators of discrimination.  This directive gives employers even more incentive to make sure their affirmative action plans are current and updated annually.

Other key employment practices the OFCCP is targeting include compensation, recruiting, hiring, applicant tracking, and separations.  Compensation practices and applicant tracking (including reasons why an applicant was not selected) seem to be areas of particular critical evaluation.

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