Final Order Issued Requiring Contractors to Use E-Verify

November, 2008

As of January 15, 2009, employers with federal contracts over $100,000 or subcontracts for services or construction over $3,000 will be required to use the E-Verify system.  E-Verify is an electronic verification system which is intended to confirm an individual’s eligibility to work in the United States.

Companies awarded a contract or subcontract with the federal government will be required to enroll in E-Verify within 30 days of the contract award date. Covered companies will also need to begin using the E-Verify system to confirm that all of their new hires and their employees directly working on federal contracts are authorized to legally work in the United States. However, this is only required for contracts awarded on or after January 15, 2009, or as on-going contracts are renewed.

Covered employers must still comply with all of the I-9 procedures. E-Verify adds a layer to the verification process.

To enroll in E-Verify you may click on the following link:


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