Harassment Now Included in Oregon’s Crime Victim Leave Law

August, 2011

Effective August 2, 2011 employers with six or more employees are required to provide leave and safety accommodations to employees who are victims of harassment.

Under the new law, harassment is limited to "criminal" harassment such as subjecting someone to offensive physical contact, publicly insulting another person by abusive words or gestures in a manner intended and likely to provoke a violent response, subjecting another to alarm by conveying a knowingly false report concerning death or serious physical injury to a person, or certain threats reasonably likely to cause alarm. Sexual harassment is not included in the new law as it was in the original draft of the bill.

Consistent with the current provisions of the Oregon Crime Victim Leave Law, employers must provide eligible employees with a reasonable amount of leave for the purposes of seeking legal or law enforcement assistance, to seek medical treatment or to recover from injuries, to obtain counseling, to obtain services from a victim services provider, or to relocate or secure safe housing.


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