VETS-100 Online Reporting Now Available

November, 2011

The Department of Labor has activated their website for employers to electronically submit their VETS-100 or VETS-100a reports. When submitting your report, please make sure that you are using the 2011 forms because both the 2010 and 2011 forms are available on the website. Any report filed on a 2010 form will be required to be resubmitted.

Contractors have until December 30, 2011 to submit their report(s). Reports will not be accepted for the 2011 filing cycle after December 30, 2011.

As a reminder, below are the rules for determining whether the VETS-100 or VETS-100a report (or both) must be submitted for your company.

  • If your company has a federal contract of $25,000 or more entered into before December 1, 2003, which has not been modified after that date, you must submit the VETS-100 report.

  • If your company has a federal contract of $100,000 or more created or modified on or after December 1, 2003 you must submit the VETS-100A report.

Link to the DOL’s VETS 100/100a information site:

Link to the VETS 100/100a reporting application:

If you have questions about submitting your VETS 100/100a reports, please contact us so we can assist you.


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