US Department of Labor OFCCP Issues CSALs

January, 2012

If you are a federal contractor, watch your mail. The OFCCP has issued a new round of Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). These letters are mailed to federal contractors to put them on notice that receipt of a notice of desk audit (scheduling letter) will likely arrive within the OFCCP’s current fiscal year which ends September 30, 2012.

The CSAL, which is sent to the company representative listed on the EEO-1 report, does not require a response from the contractor. Only the receipt of a scheduling letter initiates the audit process and requires the contractor to submit documentation. However, because response to a scheduling letter must be completed within 30 days, the receipt of a CSAL should not be ignored.

Receipt of this letter gives contractors time to make sure that their AAP and all required documentation, postings, and notices are up to date. It also gives the contractor time to examine and correct any potential adverse impact issues or compensation differences among employees in the same job.

Although the OFCCP has proposed a new scheduling letter that will require contractors to submit more data and documentation than has been requested in the past, it has not yet been approved. Cascade Employers Association will continue provide updated information regarding changes in OFCCP regulations and the scheduling letters.

If you have any questions, if you receive a CSAL or a scheduling letter, don’t hesitate to call so that we can assist you.


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