WATCH YOUR MAIL, CONTRACTORS! OFCCP issues Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs)

November, 2014

If you are a federal contractor, watch your mail. The OFCCP is sending out its Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) – approximately 2,500 of them. These letters are mailed to federal contractors to put them on notice that receipt of a notice of desk audit will likely arrive sometime within the OFCCP’s current fiscal year (October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015).

The CSAL, which is sent to the company representative listed on the EEO-1 report, does not require a response from the contractor. Only the receipt of a scheduling letter initiates the audit process and requires the contractor to submit documentation. Any contractor selected for audit in the OFCCP’s current fiscal year can expect to receive the latest version of the letter published by the OFCCP. You can read more about the new scheduling letter here.

Do not ignore a CSAL because no immediate response is required. A contractor has only 30 days to submit all documentation required in the scheduling letter. Take this notice time to ensure your company is in compliance with all of the new regulations – written plans, race/gender/vet/disability surveys, notices, postings, etc. We also advise that contractors use this time to thoroughly examine and correct any potential adverse impact issues in personnel activity or compensation differences that could appear to be based on race or gender.

Cascade Employers Association will continue to provide updated information regarding changes in OFCCP regulations, enforcement and the scheduling letters. If you have any questions, or if you receive a CSAL or a scheduling letter, please call so that we can assist you.


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