Performance Appraisal Software

Cascade’s performance appraisal software includes integrated web-based applications for guiding, developing and retaining a high performance workforce while supporting the achievement of your organization’s mission and goals. No software or hardware installation is required at your premises, thereby reducing the costs and risks of traditional software implementations. Our solutions can be configured to tailor deployment to reflect your specific identity and unique business processes.

Goal Setting Module

This application helps employees understand the company’s goals and their individual roles in supporting company success. By aligning individual goals with organizational goals, employees will focus on the key initiatives that help to move the company forward. It provides management with tools needed to assure employees are focused on the right things, and provides insight into what employees are working on and the progress they are making.

Performance Appraisal Module

The performance appraisal application provides a flexible solution to measure employee contributions - accurately, clearly and objectively. Users gain real-time, actionable insight into employee performance and reduce the time and cost associated with cumbersome paper-based review processes. It is designed to transform the typical review process from a year-end exercise into one with continuous dialog between managers and employees, tailored development plans, real-time documentation, and, when appropriate, connecting performance to rewards.

Why Use Performance Appraisal Software?

  • To reduce the time and cost associated with cumbersome paper-based review processes and to keep the focus on goals, progress, and results.
  • To jointly define clear goals that are readily available for employees and managers to review and to ensure ongoing alignment with organization goals.
  • To provide automated tools for ensuring employees are focused on the right things and making appropriate progress towards expected results.
  • To enable easy tracking of employee competencies, strengths and development needs while allowing for improvement planning.

Personalized Performance Appraisal Software Includes:

  • Company specific landing page
  • Comprehensive user training
  • Detailed system training guide
  • 24/7 Help Desk availability
  • Built in e-mail announcements
  • Supervisor access to staff performance information

The costs and risks of traditional software implementations are reduced because our appraisal system is online and requires no special software or equipment on your premises.

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