Creative Problem Solving

Date:July 22, 2020
Time:8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Category: Personal & Professional Development

Training Details

This workshop has been cancelled. Please contact Jocelyn Billings with any questions.

In this “hands-on” workshop, we will explore ways to embrace workplace creativity, outline how to establish and maintain a solution-oriented culture, frame the creative problem-solving process and have a bit of fun doing it all. Learners will take away a structured system to help understand the creativity process and will engage in exercises to illustrate how the process helps us solve problems and improve our workplaces. Come join us as we dive into the mystery and science of creativity.


  • Why Invest in Creativity?
  • Five-Step Creativity Process
  • Creative Problem-Solving Exercises
  • Establishing (and Maintaining) a Creativity Culture
  • Thinking Fast and Slow/How Critical Thinking Adds Balance
  • Action Plan

Presenter: Bill Swift Leadership Facilitator

Location: Cascade Employers Association in Salem LIVE ONLINE

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Cost: Member Price - $125.00; Standard Price - $185.00

Registration is not available at this time

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