Executive Support Services

Executive Services

Who is your strategic sounding board? While it’s wonderful to have the support of your board, investors and employees, there are some things a leader can’t – or shouldn’t – share with them.

Enter Cascade Employers Association. With this suite of offerings we can assure you you’ll never feel lonely at the top again.

Strategic Consulting: Mired in the weeds, putting out fires and lost in the land of day-to-day tactical decisions? Working one-on-one with one of our strategic consultants can help you develop and implement the strategic ideas you never seem to have time for.
Executive Coaching: Leaders are entrusted with capitalizing on the power of their people, yet few have had the training or experience to truly optimize their talent. The return on investment with one-on-one coaching has been shown to improve communication skills, relationships, self-confidence and even work-life balance. (Ask about our new coaching packages!)
Executive Forums: Want to know how other leaders in the community are handling the same challenges and opportunities you’re facing? Limited to CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors and their counterparts, our executive forums provide a safe and confidential environment to learn from each other on the topics most relevant to you.

For more information, please contact Erin Bair at [email protected].