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Thank you for choosing Cascade Employers Association. We’re committed to providing you sound HR advice and solutions that help you build a better workplace through compliance, culture and connection.

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  • We hereby make application to become a member of Cascade Employers Association.
  • Our payment of the annual membership fee, and any additional package option selected herein, is included with this application.
  • We understand that the Association does not engage in the practice of law. Membership in the Association and access to consulting services does not create an attorney-client relationship between us and the Association or any of its employees.
  • We agree to pay charges for services rendered at the rates set by the Association's Board of Directors. We understand that failure to make timely payment may result in application of late payment charges and/or suspension of further membership privileges until payment is made.
  • We understand that eligibility to apply, to participate in, and, if accepted, continued participation in the Association-sponsored Pacific Northwest Employers Life, Health Insurance Trust and 401(k) Savings Plan is conditioned upon our remaining a member in good standing of this Association.
  • We understand that a copy of the Association‘s By-Laws are available to us upon request.
  • We accept that we will receive publications and information about Association services electronically as well as by mail.

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