Employment Law: Minimize Risk and Gain Confidence

Establishing and maintaining a sound knowledge base of the most important areas of employment law results in preventing problems before they arise, minimizing financial loss and gaining the confidence you need to know you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

Through the use of real case studies, current case law and practical day-to-day guidance, learn about the most important and current employment law issues you’re most likely to face and the steps to take to ensure your organization does not become one of the negative statistics.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding of current state and federal employment laws, rules, regulations and recent cases
  • How to apply employment laws, rules, regulations to any situation
  • Avoiding common mistakes

How it's offered:

Typically offered as a half-day training workshop, we work with you to structure the length and topics to meet your onsite training needs. This Employment Law session has both federal and state topics and requirements woven throughout, so if there is a specific area of concern that you wish to concentrate on, please don’t hesitate to let the trainer know.

Additional Training Recommendations:

This class overlaps somewhat with the Basics of Supervision program, and if more in depth supervisory knowledge is needed, it can be blended as needed. We’d always pair this class with onsite Harassment training, as we believe all supervisors benefit from an in-depth training on the critical topic of harassment. If you are looking for training on soft skills, Dynamic Leadership Skills is the program to consider for both veteran and new supervisors.


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