USCIS Releases Updated Form I-9

Published Wednesday, February 19, 2020

On January 31, 2020, USCIS published an updated Form I-9. Prior to publishing the updated Form I-9, USCIS told employers to continue using the previous Form I-9 despite the fact that it had an 8/31/2019 expiration date.

With the release of the updated Form I-9, USCIS specified that “employers may continue using the prior version of the form (Rev. 07/17/2017) until April 30, 2020. After that date, they can only use the new form with the 10/21/2019 version date. The version date is located in the lower left corner of the form.”

The updated Form I-9 contains minor changes including:

  • Clarification on who can act as an authorized representative on behalf of an employer
  • Clarifications on acceptable documents
  • Updated process for requesting paper I-9 Forms
  • Updated DHS Privacy notice
  • Updated USCIS website addresses

As a reminder, Form I-9 was created to determine who is legally authorized to work in the United States. Each newly hired employee must complete and sign Section 1 of Form I-9 no later than their first day of employment and employers must complete their sections of the I-9 form within 3 business days of the employee’s first day of employment.

It is extremely important that I-9 Forms are filled out promptly and accurately, as fines per violation per form can range from $230 to $2,292.

If you have any questions regarding the Form I-9 process, let us know!

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