Governor of Oregon Issues Stay-at-Home Directive

Published Monday, March 23, 2020
Cascade cannot provide a legal determination on whether your organization is subject to mandatory closure pursuant to this Executive Order. Please carefully read the Executive Order. It provides specific direction on what business are required to close. If it does not apply to your organization, you still have an obligation to make every effort possible to make teleworking available. You are also required to designate an individual who will be responsible for enforcing social distancing requirements within guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority.

This morning, March 23rd, Oregon Governor Brown issued the Stay Home Save Lives Executive Order. This directive updates COVID-19 related orders for Oregon individuals, employers, public organizations, and outdoor spaces.

Specifically, the Stay Home Order issued the closing of the following non-essential businesses:

Amusement parks, aquariums, arcades, art galleries, barber shops and hair salons, bowling alleys, cosmetic stores, dance studios, esthetician practices, fraternal organization facilities, furniture stores, gift shops, jewelry shops, toy stores and boutiques except delivery and pickup, gyms and fitness studios, hookah bars, indoor and outdoor malls, indoor party places (including jumping gyms and laser tag), medical spas, facial spas, day spas, and non-medical massage therapy services, museums, nail and tanning salons, non-tribal card rooms, skating rinks, senior activity centers, ski resorts, social and private clubs, tattoo/piercing parlors, tennis clubs, theaters, yoga studios and youth clubs.

The Stay Home Order does not apply to the following businesses:

Food Establishments: Restaurants, bars, taverns, brew pubs, wine bars, cafes, food courts, coffee shops and other similar establishments as long as such services only provide take out and/or delivery.

Childcare: Childcare facilities with a limit of 10 children who are the same each day. Priority must be given to children of medical or emergency frontline responders.

Essential Services: Doctor’s offices, health care facilities and emergency services, pharmacies, grocery stores, pet store services.

Moreover, the Order enacts the following workplace restrictions:

All businesses and non-profits with offices in Oregon must facilitate telework for employees, to the maximum extent possible. When telework is not available, businesses and non-profits must designate an employee or officer to implement and enforce social distancing policies, consistent with the Oregon Health Authority guidance. Business and non-profits failing to comply with such orders will be closed until they demonstrate compliance.

Cascade will continue to keep you updated on COVID-19 related matters. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Our team is prepared to answer your questions.

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