Have the Rules of Workplace Engagement Changed?

Published Wednesday, October 28, 2020 9:30 am

For decades, workplaces have been using the Gallup Q-12 to inform their assessment of workplace engagement. Managers use the tool to bring focus to the most important things for discussion with their workers. Looking through the lens of a post-pandemic, remote workplace, these Rules of Engagement start to look really different.

What is the Q-12? Well, it’s 12 important questions. Covering everything from Clear Workplace Expectations to Materials and Equipment to Being Recognized, these 12 actionable workplace elements offer proven links to performance outcomes. Simply put, the 12 questions answered affirmatively correlate highly with strong employee engagement, answered negatively correlate highly with poor employee engagement.

As workplace leaders we may need to change the way we are approaching and evaluating workplace engagement and have a critical look at the things that are keeping our good people committed and focused.

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