On-Site Performance Appraisal Training

This on-site, skills-building workshop is designed to help your managers and supervisors become more comfortable and effective when it comes to employee performance appraisals. It emphasizes appraisals as a flexible year-round system aimed at supporting employee and organization performance success.

Using case studies, exercises and real company stories, your staff will learn effective techniques to make performance appraisals a powerful forward-focusing and encouraging tool in your organization.

Why Consider Performance Appraisal Training?

  • To better equip your managers, supervisors and employees
  • To streamline your program and make it work for your organization
  • To improve supervisor/employee communications and relationships
  • To align employees with the mission and goals of your organization
  • To improve employee and organization performance results
  • To improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction

We Apply 7 Key Components for Performance Appraisal Success

  1. Communicating and understanding the company mission and goals
  2. Establishing clear and compelling performance goals/expectations
  3. Providing for open/honest/ongoing performance discussions and coaching
  4. Documenting and maintaining ongoing performance-related information
  5. Summarizing and discussing annual performance appraisal results
  6. Increasing employee participation in the performance appraisal process
  7. Providing performance appraisal-related training to all employees

"…clarity is the first and fundamental operational component for creating high performance environments.”
--Dan Rockwell / Leadershipfreak