Respect in the Workplace

Disrespectful behavior is more common in the workplace than harassment and can be just as destructive. This session shifts away from the law and focuses on three behaviors all organizations should expect from every employee at every level: Respect, Regard and Courtesy.

Key learning points include:

  • Identifying behaviors that demonstrate respect and those that destroy it
  • Minimizing workplace bullying
  • Understanding and appreciating differences
  • Daily actions anyone can take to build a respectful workplace
  • Basic principles of communication

How It's Offered:

Designed to be offered as an addition to the Harassment Awareness class, this session also works well as a shorter refresher course when necessary. It is offered as a ninety minute class, but can take up to two hours, depending on the level of tailoring desired.

Additional Training Recommendations:

This class was designed to be paired perfectly with our onsite Harassment Awareness class. For additional training on communication in the workplace, consider our Performance Coaching onsite for your supervisors, so they can give effective and positive follow up for what the employees have learned.
As an additional boost for communication skills, you may want to opt for our Customer Service Certificate Series, either the full series or the shorter one day option.


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