Leading with Strengths

Workplace research continues to demonstrate the positive impact of incorporating techniques for identifying and leveraging employee strengths. In our strength zone we learn more quickly, perform more efficiently and effectively and are more motivated, focused and confident.

This 1/2-day workshop will provide leaders at all levels of your organization an opportunity to assess their own strengths and develop skills to promote strengths in others.

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Key learning points:

  • The Business Case for Focusing on Workplace Strengths
  • Approaches for Identifying Strength "Zones” for Individuals and Teams
  • Practical Application of Strength-Based Leadership: how to incorporate these techniques into daily supervisory activities
  • Personal Action Plan: all participants will develop a specific plan to put these techniques into action; we will explore how to overcome learned weaknesses
  • Team Action Plan: work teams will develop a plan to build on team strengths

Through discussion, group participation and hands-on exercises, all team members will have an opportunity to understand the Strength-Based approach to leadership and practical ways to apply these techniques.


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