Basics of Supervision

Even if you haven’t heard it before, you probably already intuitively know it: people leave managers, not organizations. Yet only one third of all supervisors and managers are perceived to be strong leaders.

Good supervisors are the first line of defense against employee disengagement and turnover. Basics of Supervision will provide both new and established managers and supervisors the tools they need to be effective.

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Day One

Do you know the essentials of becoming a leader? In day one you will:

  • Learn how to better navigate the transition from coworker to supervisor
  • Understand how to motivate employees and build solid relationships
  • Review the essential ingredients for effective direction and delegation
  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching

Day Two

Do you know what’s expected of you as supervisor in the organization from a legal standpoint and how to protect it against risk? In day two you will:

  • Learn best practices for handling discipline and performance problems in a positive way
  • Review the basics of employment law
  • Understand how to spot and respond to HR red flags
  • Practice applying learned skills to hypothetical situations

How It's Offered:

Typically offered as a two-day training workshop, we work with you to structure the length and topics to meet your onsite training needs. For example, some organizations choose to split this program into four half-day sessions; others request a one day course when either a refresher is needed or when some included topics have already been covered in another training.

Additional Training Recommendations:

We’d pair this class with onsite Harassment training, as we believe all supervisors benefit from an in-depth training on the critical topic of harassment. For a more rigorous training on soft skills, the Dynamics of Leadership is the program to consider for both veteran and new supervisors.

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