Unemployment Claims Management Services

Unemployment Claims Management

Let us take the mystery out of the unemployment claim process and handle your claims for you. Cascade will help you turn uncontrolled costs into manageable processes for controlling your tax rate. All the while freeing up your time to focus on engaging and retaining the employees you have.

Your claims will be handled by Ryan Orr, who worked for the Employment Department as an administrative law judge and presided over thousands of unemployment hearings.

This service includes:

  • Cascade will communicate with the Employment Department on your behalf, review and challenge decisions, and represent you in any hearings and appeals of unfavorable decisions if necessary.

  • A one-hour review of your policies and procedures that can affect your unemployment rate and consultation on improving unemployment claims program and procedures.

  • Cascade’s Unemployment Insider Guide, which will provide you with a quick reference for how to handle certain matters to receive the best result for your unemployment claims.

  • A quarterly report of all unemployment claims and outcomes.

Potential Savings:

  • An employer has a 2% unemployment tax rate and 100 employees who all have wages in excess of the maximum subject wages of $35,000 for 2014. Through Cascade’s program, the employer’s benefit ratio improves and the employer’s tax rate drops to 1.8%.

  • The employer’s old annual unemployment cost was $70,000 ($3,500,000 in taxable payroll * 2% old tax rate = $70,000.) The employer’s new annual unemployment cost is $63,000 ($3,500,000 * 1.8% new tax rate = $63,000.) The employer has projected unemployment tax savings of $7,000 per year, with a cost of $2,500 for enrollment in the program, leading to net savings of $4,500.

  • This does not include the savings associated with saving time by not handling the unemployment claims internally.

Unemployment Tax and Charges Auditing Services

Separately, Cascade offers an Unemployment Tax Auditing Service:

  • Review payroll data, unemployment account charges, and unemployment tax rates to determine if errors have been made.

  • If errors have been made, Cascade will communicate with the Department to resolve the matter.

  • If necessary, Cascade will represent the member in any hearings related to tax errors.

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Claims management does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney/client relationship.