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About Cascade

Q: How Do I Join Now? 

Just complete a membership application. Once we receive it and your payment, you can begin accessing the many benefits of membership.  Have questions first?  Talk with our Membership Manager.

Q: What is Cascade Employers Association? 

Cascade is a Member-governed association of nearly 500 diverse industry organizations. We established our roots in 1947 for the purpose of providing employers of all sizes and industries with the solutions needed to effectively manage and develop their workforce.  Today we're recognized as one of the most trusted human resource consulting organizations in the region.


Q: What types of memberships do you offer? 

Just one type: regular membership. However, we also offer a small business package option as well as an add-on option for unlimited telephone and email support.  We're happy to help you customize your level of support to match your company's HR needs.

Q: How much is the membership fee? 

Our regular membership fee is based on the number of employees within your organization. Prices range from $620 to $2480 per year ($51.67/mo. to $206.67/mo.).  We also have an unlimited helpline add-on option for $1225 ($102.08 per month) in addition to the regular membership fee.  If you're a small employer with 1-24 employees, you also have the choice of opting for our Small Business HR Solutions package for a flat fee of $1925 per year ($160.42/mo.).

Q: What services are available from Cascade? 

We offer a full suite of HR services, including: navigating complex employment laws; employee handbook development; diversity, equity, inclusion services; a full suite of recruitment services; and equitable compensation structures. We will train your team to drive engagement or coach your leaders to bring out the best. We can even help you build your HR practices from the ground up. In a nutshell, we pretty much do it all, so just ask if you don't see a service listed on this site.

Q: Do you offer services to non-members? 

A few. Non-members can purchase our pay and benefits surveys, attend training programs, and access certain consulting services for a significantly higher price. Most of the time, membership is the best value.

Q: What industries do your members represent? 

Just about every type of business sector found in the region: manufacturing, nonprofits, distribution, wholesale and retail, technology, health care, agriculture, business services, banking/finance, food processing, construction, government agencies, and more.

Q: What sizes are your member businesses? 

Member organizations range in size from 1 to several thousand employees. The average employment size is about 100. Any organization with employees will find our services beneficial.

Q: What states do your services cover? 

While most of our members are located in Oregon and SW Washington, some of our members also have locations in other parts of the country.  When that's the case, we may not be as familiar with a specific state's employment laws; however, we have a lot of online resources for all 50 states in our Member Only area and we also associated with a group of other employer associations around the country that can step in and provide assistance when needed.

Q: Why should I join Cascade instead of working with a private consulting firm? 

Because at Cascade we have nearly 80 years of HR experience and workplace solutions under our belt. Our long-standing reputation backs our reliability and quality of service. With us you get access to a staff of familiar experts and a wealth of resources at your fingertips when you need them. And typically, because of the pooled purchasing power of nearly 500 other employer members, we're the most cost-effective solution around. 

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