About Cascade

We take care of HR so you can take care of business

You have concerns. We have answers

What we do

HR is complicated. Rules change, regulations shift and last year's best practices may no longer apply. Cascade Employers Association cuts through the confusion, delivering straightforward answers and strategic long term solutions. We're never stuffy, always practical and completely reliable.

Cascade's brain trust of experts is ready whenever you need us. There's no HR challenge or project you need to face alone. 

What you get 

  • Rightsized HR: Choose the services you need, when you need them.
  • AnswerSource Helpline: Get accurate answers to your questions, quickly.
  • Compliance Confidence: Stay on top of ever-changing employment laws.
  • Training and Coaching: Grow your good employees into exceptional teams.
  • Staffing Success: Establish hiring practices and pay plans to attract and retain the best.
  • Extensive Access: Tap into our library of laws, FAQs, sample policies, tools and more.

Cascade is a valuable resource for me as an HR professional.  I am grateful for all their people. They work hard to make dealing with the many changes that affect employment and benefits a little easier.

Leanne Paxton, HR Manager

Our mission

Building better workplaces through compliance, culture, connection.

A proven track record

Established in 1947, Cascade Employers Association is not-for-profit, supporting organizations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our members come in all sizes, from one to several thousand employees and span virtually every business sector. 

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