Custom Surveys

Custom Survey Introduction

Accurate market pay and benefit data is a must for recruiting and retaining the right people, keeping your team focused, and managing labor costs. Cascade works with you to conduct custom research designed to obtain the data you need for your organization and/or industry.

Frequent custom research requests include: industry pay surveys, industry benefits surveys, combined industry pay and benefits surveys, organizational quick pulse surveys, and organizational hot topic surveys.

Examples of past custom industry surveys include:

Contact us at to see if we have the data available for your industry or to learn how we can develop a survey to meet your organization’s and/or industry’s specialized needs.

Custom Survey FAQs

 Can I find this data elsewhere? 

Cascade is committed to making sure you have the right data to make the best decisions for your organization. While we welcome the opportunity to work with you on a custom survey, we would also like to ensure the data is not already available elsewhere. 

Do I need the security of a third party handling a survey?

Sensitive issues or industry wide data collection might necessitate a third party association to handle your survey in order to avoid confidentiality concerns. While sites like Survey Monkey and Google Forms help with smaller and less sensitive surveys, Cascade can provide a comfort to employees and organizations that would like a guarantee of confidentiality when reporting their data.  

Can I afford a custom survey?

Custom surveys can be pricey depending on several elements. Prices can vary from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on scope, set up, reporting, etc. Some factors to consider include:  Is the survey targeted at a single organization or for an industry? Larger surveys are typically more expensive due to size and subject matter. If you are interested in an organization focused survey, make sure to check out our employee survey options to see if any of those will fit your need.  What is the focus of your survey? Compensation, benefits, hot topics? Surveys that are compensation focused or include a compensation component are typically more expensive as they require specialized survey software.  Is your contact list of survey participants developed? Especially for industry-wide surveys, having a contact list already developed will save Cascade a lot of time and you a lot of money. While we are willing to work on developing a contact list for the survey distribution, having this already developed is a way save money.  Do you already have survey questions developed? We have a standard benefits survey consisting of approximately 100 questions that we can use as a base for benefits related surveys, and can draw from our collection of positions in the Regional Pay Survey for compensation focused surveys. If your survey would fall into a different category, or would include positions not covered in the Regional Pay Survey, having the survey questions and/or job descriptions already developed will lower the estimated pricing.  How long is your proposed survey? Longer surveys take more time to develop the actual survey and to create the final reports. If you are looking for a quick three – five question survey, the pricing will be much lower.

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