Employee Handbooks

Let us make your job easier. Focused on ensuring compliance with employment laws, best practices and alignment with your workplace culture our employee handbooks will be a go-to resource for your organization and its employees.

To meet your needs, we have two options to consider:

1: Customized Employee Handbook Maintenance Plan

One flat fee and your employee handbook updates are covered for three years! Here’s how it works:

Our team works carefully with your team to understand your practices and expectations so we can draft a customized handbook that is easy for everyone to understand, aligns with your practices, reflects your culture, and complies with the law. Wait, there’s more! We know you don’t have time to research and draft new policies when laws or regulations change, but we do! Our compliance team tracks new or changing laws, rules and regulations and will let you know when an immediate update is needed. On an annual basis, we will do a comprehensive review and update that reflects not only the legal changes, but any changes to your practices or expectations.

This option is perfect when:

  • You've got little or no handbook in place
  • It's been several years since your handbook has last been updated
  • You want the peace of mind knowing your handbook will be reviewed and updated for three (3) years

Standard Policies Include:

Employee Relations

Pay & Hours of Work

Leaves of Absence

Employee Conduct

Safety & Health

Other Popular (optional) Policies:

2: Basic Employee Handbook Review

Completed at an hourly rate, our team will carefully review your current handbook and make recommendations for updates based on new laws, changes in the law, your practices and our recommended best practices.

This option is perfect when:

  • You've got the time to keep up with all of the legal changes and revise your handbook on your own, but you will want a final compliance review
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