Employee Surveys

Inviting employees to provide feedback about their workplace experience can lead to process improvements, increased customer satisfaction, greater profitability, greater employee retention and overall improved organizational performance.

Choose What's Best for You

With the data we collect and analyze, we are able to give you specific and actionable feedback to help evaluate your organization's key drivers of performance, opportunities to improve culture and upgrade the employee experience.

Our process is simple:

  • Develop survey scope and specifications
  • Launch pre-survey communications
  • Administer survey and collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Prepare and present data reports, analysis and recommendations


1. Employee Engagement Surveys

Our most comprehensive employee survey provides you with an engagement score for your organization internally as well as compared to other organizations across the U.S. To get the most complete picture of what is driving performance in your organization and what is getting in the way, we recommend starting with the most comprehensive survey with 68 statements.


What's Included
68 Standard Survey Statements
35 Standard Survey Statements
21 Standard Survey Statements
Survey Development checkmark checkmark checkmark 
Pre-Survey Communications checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
Survey Administration and Data Collection checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
Engagement Score checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
Satisfaction Score checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
Norm Comparisons checkmark  checkmark  checkmark 
Data Reports - Electronic & Paper checkmark  checkmark  checkmark 
Executive Summary & Recommendations checkmark checkmark  checkmark 
One - Two Hour Maximum Presentation of Results checkmark  checkmark  checkmark 

2. Custom Pulse Surveys

A custom pulse survey is perfect when you need feedback and data about specifically identified aspects of the workplace experience.


3. Quick Pulse Surveys

With just three standard questions, this quick survey provides you with high-level data on what matters most to your employees and what they feel is in most need of improvement. And it’s included in your annual membership fee!


4. 360 Performance Reviews

Company Boards and senior executives alike find it difficult to obtain complete, accurate, and objective information about an executive’s performance. Cascade’s 360° Review tool is a convenient online solution to collect this valuable information.


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