Harassment Prevention Training

Ensure your employees understand the law, your organization's policies and their role in creating an environment founded on respect.

Three ways to meet your needs

1: On-Site at Your Location


We believe that on-site, in-person, training is the best and most effective way to deliver harassment prevention training.  Our on-site training combines the use of group discussions, group activities and scenarios to make sure that your employees understand the law, your organization's policies and their role in supporting a work environment founded in respect   Supervisors and managers will get additional training to ensure they understand their roles and what's expected of them.

We recommend this training be done annually and no less than every two years.  Supplementing with on-demand training in off-years or with new employees is a good risk management strategy.

2: LIVE Webinar for Your Employees


If on-site training isn't an option, our LIVE webinars offer the same content and interactive experience as our on-site sessions.  You can also choose to do a combination of on-site and live webinars.  Whatever works for you, we can make it happen.

3: Streaming, On-Demand Through Traliant


Cascade has partnered with Traliant to offer online and on-demand, interactive harassment prevention training for your employees. This means your employees can participate at their own pace at a time that works for you and them.  This training option is available at an exclusive price just for members of Cascade.

Sessions are available for all of your employees, including extra lessons for your supervisors and managers. Better engage your team by choosing a version created with your workplace in mind. Options include corporate office, restaurant, hotel, retail, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, and construction. 

Quickly and easily preview and purchase the right course for your team through this self-service site.

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