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Here are our Top 11 most requested and popular classes (we couldn’t narrow it down to just 10!)

Basics of Supervision

People leave managers, not organizations. Yet only one-third of all supervisors and managers are perceived as strong leaders by their staff. This popular course includes structured activities where supervisors and managers can actively practice effective skills. Learn how to transition gracefully from a co-worker to a supervisor, delegate and give directions, coach employees and address performance problems. We also address the basics of employment law and when to contact HR.

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HR Academy (This is a series of HR Certification classes)

This series is designed to provide you with the HR knowledge, tools and resources you need to manage and lead in the core functions of HR as well as more specialized areas. Each session integrates core HR and leadership principles with real life scenarios, trends and the practical tools and guidance you need to take your HR skills to the next level.

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Leadership Engagement Essentials

Become the engaged leader your organization needs.
Engaged leaders drive initiatives. They ensure that "people programs" support and contribute to their organization's mission and strategic objectives. Engaged leaders create engaged employees and help attract and retain staff.

Leaders learn how to:

  • Build employee engagement
  • Foster a strengths-based culture
  • Manage change and transitions
  • Master difficult and crucial conversations
  • Strategically manage risks
  • Create a case for diversity and inclusion
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest leadership trends
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Harassment Awareness

Increasing awareness of workplace harassment is one of the most important steps employers can take to reduce associated risk and ensure employees have a respectful work environment.

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Respect and Civility in the Workplace

Disrespectful behavior is more common in the workplace than harassment and can be just as destructive. This session shifts away from the law and focuses on three behaviors all organizations should expect from every employee at every level: Respect, Regard, and Courtesy.

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Unpacking Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

If your organization is ready to take on the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion but feels apprehensive about where to begin, this is the workshop for you. This workshop unpacks common definitions, systems, and frameworks that can decenter dominant culture and create an inclusive environment for marginalized identities.

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Effective Project Management

Strong project management skills are in high demand! Even if ‘project management’ isn’t your official title, the skills, tools, and approaches are useful for many roles in an organization.

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Coaching Bootcamp

In this interactive session participants will learn how to tap into what truly motivates employees to do great work, how to communicate effectively, and how to create a positive environment that recognizes and plays to the strengths of both individuals and teams.

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Employment Law and HR Risk Management for Supervisors

Educating supervisors about the most common employment and HR related issues they face in their day to day work is one of the best ways any employer can manage employment risk. Armed with this knowledge your supervisors can help prevent problems before they arise, minimize financial loss, improve employee relations, and save your HR team some time.

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Managing Conflict

Establish a culture of constructive problem solving that is positive and proactive. This training shows participants the importance of dealing constructively with conflict, explores strengths and weaknesses of five approaches to resolution, and discusses strategies to reach win-win solutions.

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Accountability and Delegation

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, such as finger pointing, blame, and micromanagement and focus on the best practices for empowering others to be accountable when performing delegated tasks.

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