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Welcome to the Members Only Area of the Association's Web site. In this section you can take advantage of resources available only to Members, including:

  • AnswerSource — Your helpline - directly to Cascade - for frequently asked employment-related questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions/Fact Sheets —  Answers to most frequently asked questions.

  • Cascade Tool Box — Sample forms, policies, and guidelines developed by Cascade's experts

  • AnswersNow® — A cutting edge resource for compliance information that matters most to you. This research tool simplifies the way you access important state and federal forms, notices, and posters, and helps you quickly scan and compare state law summaries, as well as the latest HR news and trends. Also get tools for Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews that practically write themselves.

  • Background Screening — Download a sample report, Member discount pricing list, new user guide, and access the application for screening services through our partner, Advanced Reporting

  • Publications Archive — Past issues of NewsBrief and GreatWork! Blog, keeping you informed on important workplace issues

  • Web Resources — Links to helpful internet resources, such as blogs, government websites, and other HR-related resources

  • Refer a Member — Do you know a colleague who would benefit from Cascade membership? Refer a colleague that leads to a new Cascade membership and get a $50 Amazon gift card.

Members may access any of these features using the Quick Links menu to the right.