News Room: Alerts and Reminders

Calendar 2019

September 2019

New Salary Threshold for Overtime Rule Finalized. More

August 2019

USCIS Extends Use of Expiring I-9 Form. More

FMLA Extends to Children's Special Education Meetings. More

July 2019

Oregon Passes Paid Family Medical Leave. More

June 2019

Oregon Passes Amended Nursing Mothers Law and a Law Expanding Unlawful Employment Discrimination. More

May 2019

Pregnancy Anti-Discrimination Law Expands. More

Non-Competition Amendment Signed into Law. More

April 2019

EEO-1 Pay Data Deadline Presumably Extended. More

March 2019

DOL Proposes Overtime Threshold Increase. More

EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting is Presumably Back. More

February 2019

EEO-1 Filing Deadline Extended. More

January 2019

Impact of the Supreme Court's Action and Inaction on the Workplace. More

Calendar 2018

November 2018

Final Equal Pay Act Rules Published. More

September 2018

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Issues Revised Notice. More

May 2018

FMLA Forms Expire Today - Just Keep Using Them ... For Now. More

March 2018

DACA Revisited. More

February 2018

OFCCP Mails 1,000 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters. More

Washington Sick Leave Rules in Effect – Is Your Policy Compliant? More

January 2018

BOLI Issues Final Rules on Manufacturing Overtime and Maximum Hours Worked. More

Calendar 2017

September 2017

Responding to Possible Rescission of DACA. More

August 2017

Trump Administration Blocks Pay Data Reporting on EEO-1 Form. More

Governor Signs Manufacturing Overtime Fix and New Maximum Work Hours in to Law. More

July 2017

New I-9 Form Required By September 18, 2017. More

Oregon Passes Amendments to Overtime and Maximum Hours of Work Laws. More

Oregon Sick Leave Amendments Signed Into Law. More

Oregon Predictive Scheduling Bill Passes. More

June 2017

New Retirement Plan Mandate Coming July 1. More

Oregon's Equal Pay Act Signed Into Law. More

March 2017

Oregon Circuit Court Makes Critical Decision in Manufacturing Overtime Lawsuit. More

January 2017

BOLI Makes Critical Change to Interpretation of Manufacturing Overtime Law: Update. More

BOLI Makes Critical Change to Interpretation of Manufacturing Overtime Law. More

Calendar 2016

December 2016

Congress Passes 21st Century Cures Act to Reinstate "Standalone HRAs". More

November 2016

Texas Court Grants Preliminary Injunction Blocking Overtime Rules. More

IRS Extends 1095-C Deadline and Good Faith Relief. More

New I-9 Form Released. More

October 2016

Final Federal Contractor Sick Leave Rule Published. More

August 2016

Proposed Changes to Oregon’s Sick Leave Rules Published. More

July 2016

Department of Labor Issues Two Updated Posters. More

June 2016

Oregon's New Minimum Wage Poster Published. More

Final Minimum Wage Rules Filed By BOLI. More

OFCCP Issues Final Sex Discrimination Rule. More

May 2016

Final FLSA Overtime/Exempt Rule Released by DOL. More

April 2016

Proposed Rules for Oregon's New Minimum Wage System Published. More

March 2016

Proposed Sick Leave Rules for Government Contractors Published. More

February 2016

Historic Minimum Wage Increase in Oregon. More

EEOC Publishes Proposed EEO-1 Rules. More

Multiple Minimum Wage Changes Proposed in Oregon. More

Calendar 2015

December 2015

Final Sick Leave Rules Published. More

Final Draft Sick Rules and Notices Published. More

October 2015

Proposed Sick Leave Rules Published. More

September 2015

EEO-1 Filing Extension. More

August 2015

Reminder! EEO-1 and VETS-4212 Reports are Due. More

June 2015

DOL Announces Proposed Changes to FLSA Exemption Rules. More

Eugene City Council Kills Local Sick Leave Ordinance. More

Quick Hits from the Oregon Legislature. More

Oregon Legislature Passes Statewide Sick Leave Law. More

March 2015

Supreme Court Issues Pregnancy Discrimination Decision. More

Calendar 2014

December 2014

Two Employee-Friendly NLRB Events. More

US Supreme Court Issues Important Wage/Hour Decision. More

California Publishes Paid Sick Leave Poster. More

November 2014

Watch Your Mail, Contractors! OFCCP issues Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). More

Legalized Marijuana Use - What It Means For Oregon Employers. More

October 2014

Affirmative Action: New Audit Scheduling Letter. Do Not Delay. Prepare Now. More

September 2014

California Passes Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. More

July 2014

Eugene Passes Sick Leave Ordinance. More

Federal Contractors Now Prohibited from Discriminating on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. More

June 2014

Supreme Court Invalidates NLRB Appointments. More

Yet Another Change to the Family Leave Definition of Spouse. More

May 2014

Implications of Monday’s Federal Court Decision Striking Down Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban. More

New Healthcare Notification Requirement for Laid-off Workers. More

April 2014

OFCCP Posts New Self-Identification Forms in English and Spanish. More

February 2014

Another Delay Announced in Mandatory Health Coverage for Larger Employers. More

"Quickie Elections" Rule Proposed Again by NLRB. More

Watch Your Mail, Contractors! OFCCP issues Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). More

January 2014

OFCCP Finalizes Self-Identification Disability Survey for Federal Contractors . More

Calendar 2013

December 2013

Portland Sick Leave Website Launched. More

September 2013

Almost Time to Send Out Notices of Coverage Options Under the Affordable Care Act. More

Recent Change to Unemployment Law May Affect Your Practices. More

New Small Business Health Care Marketplaces Preparing to Open. More

August 2013

New Rules for Federal Contractors under VEVRAA and Section 503. More

VETS-100 Reporting Site Down. More

July 2013

Delay in Key Piece of the Affordable Care Act. More

EEO-1 Filing Reminder and EEOC Sends Users New Passwords. More

June 2013

OFLA Soon To Cover Bereavement Leave. More

May 2013

Federal Contractors Required To Use New Census Data. More

April 2013

Evaluating the Updated Form I-9. More

March 2013

The OFCCP'S New Directive On Compensation Reviews: What Contractors Can Expect In Future Compliance Audits. More

Portland Sick Leave Ordinance Approved. More

New I-9 Form Now Available. More

OFCCP’s Directive on Pay Discrimination. More

February 2013

New FMLA Regulations To Take Effect On March 8. More

OFCCP’s Directive on Use of Criminal Records. More

January 2013

Portland Proposal For Mandatory Sick Leave Impacts Most Oregon Employers. More

Court Finds Obama’s Appointments to NLRB Unconstitutional. More

Calendar 2012

November 2012

Watch Your Mail, Federal Contractors! OFCCP Issues Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). More

Marijuana Use Legal in Washington: What It Means For Employers and Employees. More

September 2012

Filing Extension for 2012 VETS 100/100A. More

August 2012

I-9 Form Expires August 31, 2012. More

May 2012

New NLRB "Quickie” Election Rule Blocked. More

More Audit Letters Sent by the OFCCP. More

April 2012

NLRB Poster Delayed Again. More

March 2012

Unemployed In Oregon Protected From Discrimination. More

Unemployed May Soon Be Protected From Discrimination. More

February 2012

DOL Publishes Proposed FMLA Changes. More

January 2012

The U.S. Department of Labor OFCCP issues Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). More

Calendar 2011

December 2011

NLRB Approves "Quickie Elections”. More

NLRB Update: Posting Requirement Postponed Again, "Quickie” Election Rule. More

November 2011


October 2011

Seattle to Require Paid Sick Time to Employees in Seattle. More

September 2011

Clarification on New NLRB Posting. More

US Dept. of Labor and OFCCP Settle Sex Discrimination Case for $2.25 Million. More

New National Labor Relations Act Poster Now Available. More

August 2011

NLRB Requires New Employee Notice. More

Alert for Financial Institutions and Affirmative Action Obligations. More

Harassment Now Included in Oregon's Crime Victim Leave Law. More

Update on 2011 Vets 100/100a Filing. More

May 2011

OFCCP Proposes Major Changes to Audit Requirements. More

March 2011

New ADA Regulations To Be Published Soon. More

February 2011

NLRB Settles Facebook Firing Case. More

Calendar 2010

October 2010

New E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors. More

June 2010

Final Rules Published Regarding Use of Credit History. More

Provisions of FMLA Extended to Gay Employees. More

May 2010

Health Care Reform Update. More

What is the New Small Business Health Care Tax Credit? More

April 2010

OFCCP Issues Another Round of Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters. More

FLSA Amendment Requires Breaks for Nursing Mothers. More

The Children Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009: More

Oregon Employers Not Required to Accommodate Medical Marijuana. More

March 2010

Credit Checks Prohibited in Oregon. More

February 2010

Oregon: Required SB 519 Notice (Mandatory Meeting Ban) Poster. More

January 2010

COBRA Subsidy Extended. More

Calendar 2009

December 2009

Standard Mileage Rates Set for 2010. More

New W-4 Forms Required for Employees Claiming Exempt Status. More

New Changes for Form 940 (Federal Unemployment Tax). More

OFCCP Issuing New Round of Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters. More

October 2009

EEOC Revises Mandatory Poster. More

Impact of New Federal Guidelines on Medical Marijuana. More

VETS-100 and 100A Deadline Extended. More

September 2009

No Increase in Oregon's Minimum Wage for 2010. More

I-9 Form Updated. More

Rule Requiring E-Verify for Federal Contractors Upheld. More

June 2009

E-Verify Delayed Until September 8, 2009. More

April 2009

E-Verify Delayed Until June 30, 2009. More

March 2009

New I-9 Form and Requirements Effective April 3, 2009. More

First $2,400 of Unemployment Benefits Tax Free for 2009. More

Employee Free Choice Act Introduced to Congress. More

February 2009

New Withholding Tables Now Available on More

Obama Signs Stimulus Bill Providing COBRA Subsidy. More

COBRA Subsidy Provision under Economic Stimulus Bill. More

New I-9 Form and Requirements Delayed Until April 3, 2009. More

Cascade Adds Bilingual HR Consultant to Our Team. More

January 2009

Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Signed into Law. More

New Rest and Meal Periods Rule Announced. More

E-Verify Requirements Delayed until May 21, 2009. More

Employer Cost Reduction: Control Pay Practices. More

Calendar 2008

December 2008

Cascade Remains Accessible in Event of Inclement Weather. More

BOLI Reviewing Impact of FMLA Changes on OFLA. More

New Smokefree Workplace Posters Available. More

New I-9 Form Required as of February 2, 2009. More

November 2008

Final Order Issued Requiring Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify. More

Department of Labor Publishes Final FMLA Rule. More

October 2008

OFCCP Issues Alarming Audit Directive. More

Cascade Helps Members Reduce Benefit-Related Costs. More

September 2008

ADA Amendments Act Signed Into Law. More

July 2008

Updated I-9 Form Now Available. More

June 2008

Court of Appeals Rules on Medical Marijuana. More

May 2008

No Private Right of Action for Missed Rest Periods. More

February 2008

DOL Publishes Both Adopted and Proposed Changes to the FMLA. More

Judge Removes Temporary Injunction on Domestic Partnerships. More

January 2008

Oregon's Domestic Partnership Law Put on Hold. More

Family Medical Leave Act Amended to Include Leave for Military Families. More

Calendar 2007

October 2007

Protection of Personal Information in the Workplace. More

EEOC Warns of Fake Harassment Complaint Email. More

August 2007

Rule on "No-Match" Letters Finalized - Effective September 14, 2007. More

July 2007

EEO-1 and VETS-100 Due by September 30. More

June 2007

Legislators Pass Paid Sick Leave Under Oregon Family Leave Act. More

Washington Passes Legislation Requiring Paid Family Leave. More

May 2007

Increase in Federal Minimum Wage Signed by Bush. More

Workplace Breastfeeding Bill on Track to Pass Legislature. More

House and Senate Pass Bill Granting Domestic Partnerships. More

April 2007

House and Senate Pass Bill Prohibiting Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. More

February 2007

Senate Passes Bill to Increase Minimum Wage. More

BOLI Announces OFLA Amendments. More

January 2007

Increase in Federal Minimum Wage. More

Calendar 2006

December 2006

Oregon Employers Required to Report Fatal Vehicle Accidents and Heart Attacks. More

November 2006

San Francisco Requires Paid Sick Leave. More

October 2006

Recent NLRB decision provides guidelines for determining if an employee is a supervisor under the NLRA. More

September 2006

OFCCP Rescinds EO Survey. More

Reminder: EEO-1 and Vets-100 Reports Due September 30. More

July 2006

Washington State Supreme Court Defines Disability Under State Law. More

June 2006

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Retaliation Claims. More

OFCCP Issues Final Rule on Pay Bias. More

May 2006

Oregon Supreme Court Issues Opinion on Medical Marijuana Case. More

April 2006

Immigration Rallies Planned for May 1, 2006, Could Impact Your Workforce. More

January 2006

Washington Amends Its Law Against Discrimination to Include Sexual Orientation. More

Final Rule for Definition of Internet Applicant – The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs finalized a rule defining an Internet Applicant, which takes effect February 6, 2006. More

History of Mental Disability Cannot Permanently Disqualify Applicant – A recent Ninth Circuit decision may affect an employer's ability to use criminal history to screen applicants. More

Calendar 2005

November 2005

New Ruling: Supreme Court says to pay workers for putting on protective clothing and walking to work stations. More

EEOC Approves Changes to EEO-1 – On November 16, 2005, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission approved revisions to the Employer Information Request (EEO-1). The changes include different ethnic, racial, and job categories. More

Oregon Employment Legislation Wrap-Up – The Oregon legislative session has ended. Throughout the session, Cascade partnered with Randy Sutton of the law firm Saalfeld Griggs to keep you up-to-date on the status of bills that could impact your business. Check out the status of recent Oregon employment legislation (a PDF file).

July 2005

NLRB Prohibits Ban of "Negative Conversations."More

June 2005

Updated I-9 - The INS has updated the long-awaited Form I-9 (a PDF file), though it remains essentially the same as the 1991 edition. The only difference is that the form is re-branded with a current printing date to reflect the recent transition of enforcement authority from the IRS to Department of Homeland Security. Employers should begin using the new form immediately.

The United States Supreme court recently ruled that medical marijuana users may be prosecuted under the federal Controlled Substances Act, despite state laws that allow marijuana use for medical purposes. States with medical marijuana laws are reviewing the impact of this decision and their ability to continue to defend their state laws against federal challenges. Employers are encouraged to continue with their current policies and practices until further guidance is provided.