Harassment Awareness Training

This program is our most popular onsite training, and for good reason! This class is an employer's best positive investment and line of defense against discrimination and harassment claims. Not only does it manage risk by demonstrating affirmative steps to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment, it also goes beyond the law and helps ensure employees have a respectful work environment.

The training is designed for all employees and supervisors to attend the first two hour session, and only supervisors receive specific instruction during the third hour. With tailoring directly to your company's harassment policy, each person leaves this class knowing how to contribute to a diversity-rich and respectful work environment.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Discrimination Regulations
  • Protected Class and Civil Rights Issues
  • Legal Definition of Harassment
  • Recent Case Developments
  • Recognizing and Reporting Harassment
  • Importance of Day to Day Conduct and Perceptions
  • Building Workplace Respect
  • Film, "In This Together"
  • Review of Company Harassment Policy

Topics for additional hour of supervisor training:

  • Responding to Claims of Harassment
  • Gathering Information and Conducting Investigations
  • Liability issues

How It's Offered:

We've seen excellent results training the whole workforce on a biannual basis, but we recommend ensuring that supervisors receive their portion of the training annually. We work with you directly to tailor the session to your organization's policies, practices and any areas of concern. As silly as it seems, our trainers often get comments from employees thanking them for making an uncomfortable topic engaging, accessible and realistic.

Alternative Language Options:

Both the employee and supervisor sessions are available entirely in Spanish: Manténgase alerta contra el acoso laboral para empleados y supervisores.

Do you need some Spanish translation help to make your harassment policy available to more employees? Cascade can help. Please contact us, or visit our Members Only Area for many of our suggested basic policies that have already been translated for you.

Additional Training Recommendations:

We'd pair this class with Respect In The Workplace, a one-and-a-half hour session that shifts away from the law and focuses on three behaviors all organizations should expect from every employee at every level: Respect, Regard, and Courtesy. The goal is to help encourage positive changes in conversations and every day behavior.

For more rigorous training on soft skills, Dynamics of Leadership is the program to consider for any workplace leader or supervisor. For more compliance training, consider the Employment Law Overview session.


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