Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining

The Labor Relations staff at Cascade works with Member organizations to help define their labor relations goals and outline a plan to achieve them. We have the expertise to assist you with:

Staying Union Free

Cascade works with non-union Members to assess vulnerability to union organizing efforts and to assist with appropriate prevention steps. Most programs and services of the Association (supervisory training, employment law compliance, safety and health, compensation, general human resource policies and procedures, employee benefits, etc.) make a positive contribution to a union-free workplace.

Union Organizing Drives

Should a union seek to organize your business, Cascade can play an active coaching role throughout the entire process, from union card signing to the actual representation election. We have an excellent election success record on behalf of Member employers.

Collective Bargaining

An expert negotiator is available to act as your representative or as your consultant in the contract negotiation process, including contract analysis, recommendations, and planning of bargaining strategies. We have bargained thousands of labor agreements on behalf of employers.

Contract Administration

For existing labor contracts, we assist with interpretation issues as well as discipline and discharge matters.

Grievance and Arbitration Hearings

Cascade provides assistance with grievance handling. Grievances that are not settled by the parties frequently lead to formal arbitration hearings. We offer experienced, successful advocacy to prepare and present arbitration cases.

Strike Assistance

Cascade professionals have helped management through countless strikes against Member organizations. We can help minimize the impact of a strike or picketing and guide you throughout the entire process.

Unfair Labor Practice Charges

We assist employers with unfair labor practice charges filed with the NLRB by unions or employees. The vast majority of these charges are resolved without expensive litigation, costly back pay settlements, or other consequences negative to the employer. If charges are filed, we guide the employer in the investigatory stages.